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Hey, Davey! How's that back pain?

Little Davey was 5 years old, riding his bike down the big hill in front of his house.  He looked and waved at his friends as he sped past them.  In doing so, he didn’t see the pothole in front of him.  BAM!!!  His front tire hit the pothole and there went Davey.  He flipped over the handlebars of his bike and landed on his butt on the unforgiving road.  His cries of agony were so loud, his parents came running from the house, gathered him up off the road and brought him in the house.  They wiped his tears and correctly applied ice to his bruised backside.   

Davey limped around for a few days but seemed to recover.  No one noticed how he began to swing his leg a bit when he walked or how his left hip was tilting, and his right shoulder was dropping.  His mother wondered why his shoes were wearing unevenly, but she never gave it a thought about the cause and effect from Davey’s trauma and how many things changed after that point over time.  Davey was also oblivious to the changes taking place in his life. 

Fast forward 20 years.  Davey was working at a warehouse, and he bent over to pick up a 10 lb. box.  TEN POUNDS!!!  WHAM!!! His back locked up and he dropped to his knees, and that’s when he says all his back troubles started.  No, Davey, that’s not when your back troubles started.  That was just the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”   

Do you have a Davey or a Cindy in your life that suffered traumas earlier in life and suddenly had a back pain as an adult “doing nothing?”  Maybe you are Davey or Cindy.  At Heib Chiropractic Clinic we have the FEEL.FORM.FUNCTION formula for a healthier life.  We know that the way you FEEL = the balance of your FORM + the degree of your FUNCTION.  We are eager to do our job of keeping you healthy and fit! 

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