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HAPPY 2024 FROM HEIB CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC - Our 35th year of caring for our Southwest MI community!

Happy New Year to all, and welcome to Heib Chiropractic’s 35th year helping patients live happier, heathier lives!  The new year brings new beginnings, new challenges and renewed hopes and dreams!  All things can be made new again, and we are ready to continue to serve Southwest MI with Chiropractic care and Massage Therapy.    

The only thing constant in life is change.  It’s also how we grow.  Kris, Ralph, Maureen (Mo) and Val have all served us well with Massage Therapy for the last 7 to over 10 years and have moved on to retirement or different work endeavors. We are now welcoming a new massage therapist, Aaron Shafer, to our staff.  He brings a fresh perspective to Massage Therapy with a very outcome-focused, clinical style of therapeutic massage.  Call us today for an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment and a massage to maintain your alignment and mobility and become more acquainted with Aaron and his unique style of caring for your Massage Therapy needs. 

I, personally, will be renewing my commitment to lowering my weight this year.  In the last year with a combination of using our Body Detox system kit and MetabolicMicrobiome system and other dietary modifications, I have managed to lose 45 pounds and have been able to reintroduce 5 outgrown slacks and 6 out of 8 outgrown belts.  I plan to do it all again this year to reach my next goal of losing 30 additional pounds.  I will make sure I maintain my ability to perform activities to improve my levels of fitness because I now have 7 grandchildren to chase around!  I have to make sure I am getting adjusted regularly so my joints are moving freely (“a rolling stone gathers no moss,” and moving joints gather no arthritis!) and have balanced mobility.  Falls are a leading cause of injury and death for older individuals, not saying I’m old however! Physical balance affects physiological balance/health!  Regular massages are required to maintain flexibility and reduce stress on tendons and ligaments to prevent injuries and repetitive stress conditions. 

In conclusion, if you want to run like a Ferrari in your younger or older days, why are you going to a Chevy garage?  At Heib Chiropractic Clinic we have the expertise and experience and the pit crew to keep you running at peak performance.  Call us today, so we can do our job of keeping you healthy and fit! 

Dr. Andrew Heib, Portage MI Chiropractor

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